Invite users and earn money!


What is this partner program about?
As a CoinOpen partner you get your referral link.
You get % of base prize Free BTC on CoinOpen.
How much can I earn?
You get 50% from Free BTC.
When do I get the money?
You’ll get money into your partner-balance every time your referrals get prize Free BTC on
Partner balance can be withdrawal or transferring on your main balance for opening coins.
How will my referral link look like?
Automatically, you get a unique number for referral link, but you can create new whenever you want for any combination that is vacant. You can have a maximum of 5 links.
Your new referral link should contain only Latin alphabet letters and numbers 0-9
Note, that CoinOpen may reset your referral link if it's being already promoted by someone else or for other reasons.
Who is the referral?
A user who followed partner's you link and registered.
Invited referral is bound to one person forever.
I gave my referral link to many people, but I didn’t receive money. What is wrong?
Your referrals used your link but didn’t get Free BTC on site.
How much referrals I need to be able withdraw my partner balance?
You need to invite at least 20 referrals to be able to withdraw partnership balance.

tips for partners

Promote your partner link
Promote your partner link at comments under Youtube videos.
More people visit your link, more partner balance you'll get.
The most profitable source of traffic for advertising
The highest quality traffic usually comes from gaming channel on Youtube / Twitch.
Use promo video
If you have channel on Youtube / Twitch or another video resource, embed a promo video in your videos.
Use icon
Do you have Youtube or Twitch channel, website, blog...?
Add CoinOpen icon with your partner link to get even more affiliates!
Use banners
If you have a website, blog or other resource, use banners to attract people.

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